Electric Motors Booster Pack



The Booster Pack is an add-on to the Electric Motors Catalyst that includes a high-torque gear motor, new wheels, LEDs and conductive copper tape. It also comes with additional Challenge Cards that open a wide range of new capabilities for kids to explore.

  • THE GEAR MOTOR enables inventions that need more power or lower rotational speeds, including “creeping” robots, “chairlifts” that can climb up a string, and a huge variety of drawing machines.
  • LED LIGHTS let kids build blinkers and dimmers, and the electrically minded might even figure out how to make a light glow without using a battery at all (hint: a motor can be a generator!).
  • COPPER TAPE creates an enormous new range of electrical connections, and is especially useful for switches that make things that start and stop or blink or jiggle.
  • NEW CHALLENGES inspire even more engaging, creative possibilities!

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in