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Class Pack with Manuals


Our original Electric Motors Catalyst STEM kits have been used in hundreds of classrooms to bring highly effective, deeply immersive learning experiences to elementary and middle school students around the world. Now we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Electric Motors Catalyst 30-Student Classroom Module.

Over three years in the making, the 30-Student Classroom Module builds on everything we have learned and is designed to provide elementary school teachers with a highly effective, easy to use STEM solution. From the beautiful wood cabinet to the 192 pages of curriculum units, facilitation tips, and assessment guidelines, the Class-Pack was designed by teachers for teachers and makes project-based learning simpler and more effective than it has ever been.


We are also thrilled to announce our partnership with Lab-Aids. For almost 60 years, Lab-Aids has been developing, manufacturing, and publishing core curriculum and supplementary programs that help students better understand science concepts through direct experience. Lab-Aids’ nation-wide network of Curriculum Specialists can ensure that any school or school district gets the most from the Electric Motors Catalyst 30-Student Classroom Module.

Presented by Lab-Aids

Lab-Aids possesses a deep experience in science education and dedicated commitment to hands-on learning that is unique in educational publishing. From our first meeting we knew that Lab-Aids would be the perfect partner for Tinkering Labs. Our shared goal is to help teachers prepare a new generation of students for success both in STEM and in life by delivering learning experiences that help them learn STEM concepts and discover their own creative and problem-solving power.

Lab-Aids is your exclusive source for the Electric Motors Catalyst 30-Student Class Pack.


For those of you who are familiar with our original Electric Motors Catalyst kit, you can think of the Class Pack as a set of 15 of the original kits supplemented with a collection of powerful teacher’s aids and packaged for maximum classroom efficiency and effectiveness. The Class Pack includes:

For Students:

  • Everything needed for 30 students to participate in hands-on projects simultaneously, working in teams of two
  • 15 decks of Challenge Cards, with 10 Challenges in each deck
  • 15 decks of Tip Cards, providing tips and tricks to help students get started quickly
Student Components

For Teachers:

  • A 128-Page Curriculum Guide that provides 4 NGSS Curriculum Units with 29 lessons. Each unit includes:
    • Next Generation Science Standards
    • Performance Expectations
    • Disciplinary Core Ideas
    • Science & Engineering Practices
    • Crosscutting Concepts
    • Lessons giving students opportunities to wonder, test, invent, and play while learning important physical science concepts
    • Activities for classroom engagement
    • Phenomena for students to ponder
    • Prompts for observations, discussion, and analysis
      Formative assessments
  • A 64-Page Challenge Guide with detailed information for the 10 Challenges in the Challenge Card deck and an additional 5 “Getting Started” Challenges. These Challenges are referenced by the Curriculum Guide and can also be used independently. The guide provides the following for each Challenge:
    • Disciplinary Core Ideas
    • Relevant NGSS Standards
    • Visual list of required materials
    • Step-by-Step instructions with images
    • Teacher Tips
    • Discussion Starters
  • A Beautiful Wooden Cabinet with 10 drawers that neatly store all of the tinkering components. The cabinet comes with optional wheels that can be installed to make it easy to move it from room to room and convenient carrying handles. Instructions printed on the drawers and inside the drawers ensure that every part will always return to the right spot after exuberant tinkering sessions.
  • A Teacher’s Box containing the guides, a Quick Start sheet, and a selection of spare parts to make sure you’re always ready.
Curriculum Guide
Challenge Guide
Class Pack Cabinet


Find out with the Electric Motors Catalyst 30-Student Class Pack. STEM curriculum at its best. Engaging challenges created for any student to follow their curiosity to design, test, tinker, and invent. Designed by teachers for teachers. Completely reusable. Proven in hundreds of classrooms.

Available now exclusively from Lab-Aids.