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As founder of Tinkering School, The Institute for Applied Tinkering and Brightworks, 10 years of Tinkering experience has taught me that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything.

But not every kid can come to our school or camps. So we’ve started Tinkering Labs to make the problem-solving skills, knowledge and confidence that Tinkering enables available to all kids. Help us bring the pure joy of invention to kids in your program with Tinkering Labs Catalysts.

Thank you, and #TinkeringForAll!


Gever Tulley

Founder of Tinkering Labs, Tinkering School and Brightworks Schools

Paul Allen Distinguished Educator, Author and TED Speaker

Electric Motors Catalyst

$ 65


  • Makes it easy for parents and teachers to provide kids with super-fun open-ended learning and Tinkering
  • No training, equipment, or Tinkering experience required

Catalyst 10-Pack

$ 599


  • 10 full individually packaged Catalysts
  • Save over 11%
  • Great for classrooms, maker spaces and after-school programs

Safety Glasses 10-Pack

$ 24.50


  • 10 child-sized orange safety glasses included in each pack
  • Fits most kids ages 6 to 13

EASY: No special training or maker lab required. Includes everything you need to get your classroom inventing right away.

REAL: Real parts, real science, real engineering. Recognizable materials allow kids to connect the parts with the world around them.

PROJECT-BASED LEARNING: Open-ended Challenges actively engage students in authentic learning experiences.

STEM, STEAM & THE STANDARDS: Each product relates to principles of science, technology, engineering, art, and math, with fun ways to meet NGSS and Common Core standards.


When children are curious, learning follows. Our students respond to how “real” the Tinkering Labs Catalyst is - real motors, real wood parts, real hardware. The Challenges give our students creative, hands-on problem-solving experiences that stretch their thinking.

BONNIE NISHIHARADirector of Educational Design and Innovation, Mark Day School, San Rafael, CA

We operate after-school programs for thousands of students, so it’s a very diverse population. It’s hard to find products that promote STEM learning, truly engage kids’ creativity, are effective across a wide range of ages and abilities, and require no specialized teacher training or equipment. Tinkering Labs delivers all of that.

ROB MONAHANDirector of Education, Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, Queens, NY

We love this kit! We’re doing one Challenge a week with our 3rd and 4th graders, and the enthusiasm our students bring to it is amazing.

SARAH NIXON4th Grade Teacher, Christ Lutheran School Albuquerque, NM

We incorporate the Catalyst Kits into our unit on circuitry. The various components allow our students to play with concepts of engineering and electricity. Through their own process of tinkering, they are able to make meaning and develop a deeper sense of understanding.

COLIN REYNOLDSTinkerlab Curator, Bennett Day School Chicago, IL

I use the Catalyst to bring STEM access to my students. Students have such a fear of failing - we so often give them very narrow parameters for success, and the Catalysts offer students a very broad definition of what success can look like.

BLAIR MISHLEAUTechnology Specialist, KIPP-DC Heights Academy, Washington, DC

Electric Motors Catalyst: The Standards

The Catalyst Challenges align with many of the Next Generation Science Standards and provide an engaging, hands-on method to bring principles to life and enable a deeper understanding of the core disciplines.

Download these pdfs for ideas on how to use the Catalyst to teach standards in the classroom.

Organized by Standard

Organized by Challenge