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The Electric Motors Catalyst

The ultimate kit for young inventors

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Tinkering Labs Box and Invention

Designed for innovators age 8 and up.

Loved by thousands of children around the world.

Boy with robotic invention

Dozens of high quality parts.

Real wood, real motors, real hardware, real tools.

Electric Motors Catalyst Parts

Build and re-build robotic inventions.

Choose a challenge. Build it. Tweak it and improve it.
Then take it apart and make something new.

Build and re-build robotic inventions

The ultimate kit for young inventors.

Ten challenges in one box.

Ten carefully selected challenges that strengthen different aspects of creativity. Not a subscription, a single box packed with creative possibilities.

Electric Motors Catalyst Challenge Cards

Tested by kids. Approved by parents and teachers.

Tested by Purdue University Inspire Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering. Promotes engineering thinking and design.

Purdue University Seal Promotes Engineering Thinking and Design

Includes a 21-page guide.

With tips and tricks to get you started. And if you have questions, contact us any time at

Electric Motors Catalyst Tips and Tricks Guide

Unleash the creative power
in every child.

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For your young Tinkerer.

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Buy Ten

For a classroom. Enough for 20 students working in pairs.

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