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Protective Motor Casings

Over many hours of Tinkering, the connection tabs on the Catalyst motors can weaken from being bent back and forth too often. Sometimes they even break. To prevent this, we have designed a motor casing that protects them.

Check out this video or the instructions below to learn how to protect your motors with the motor casings.


1. Unscrew the motor casing to separate the two halves.

2. Pass the wires through the tubes on the casing.

3. Connect the wires to the motor tabs by sliding them on. You may have to use some force, but try to keep them straight so you don’t bend or break the tabs.

4. Press the motor casing so that it’s flush with the back of the motor. This is important — make sure that it’s all the way on.

5. Place the other half of the motor casing over the front of the motor. To align the threads, slowly turn the front side of the motor casing counter-clockwise until it clicks into place.

6. Turn the front side of the motor casing clockwise to screw it on. Your motor is now ready for tinkering.

7. Now make something cool!  Maybe something like this.