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The Electric Motors Catalyst

Find inspiration with 10 challenge cards

Draw a challenge card and try to build a machine that can scramble an egg, then rebuild your robotic creation into a creature with spinning arms!  

Build with 50+ parts

The pieces and parts inside are a combination of the everyday and the mysterious. Each kit includes: 

How to build a robot kit

Electric Components:

2 Electric Motors with Detachable Wires
1 Battery Pack with Switch
2 AA Batteries

Wooden Components:

1 Wooden Chassis
12 Wooden Wheels in 6 Sizes
6 Wooden Connectors in 3 Shapes

Hardware & Connectors:

2 Metal Axles
4 Metal L-Brackets
10 Small Bolts with Wing Nuts
2 Metal Springs
12 Bushings for Motor and Axle Connections
12 Rubber Bands

Tools & Supplies:

1 Pair of Safety Glasses, Child Size
3 Washable Markers
1 Large 3-Foot Wide Paper Work Surface
1 Full-Size Phillips Head Screwdriver


1 Cloth Storage Bag
1 Clear-Top Metal Hardware Tin


Printed Tips & Guides
10 Challenge Cards
1 Clear Challenge Card Holder
1 Safety Tips Card
1 22-Page Building Techniques Booklet

Make endless robotic creations

The possibilities are endless! Attach everyday objects or your favorite LEGOs to your tinkering kit pieces to build an entirely new invention.  

Media Inquiries

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