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Girl Scouts are Great Tinkerers!

After weeks of tweaking, in December 2014 we had an Electric Motors Catalyst prototype ready for a live test with real kids. We hand-built 20 kits and brought them to a girl scout troop meeting in San Mateo, California, not knowing what would happen. Would the girls engage with the challenges? Would it be fun? Would they learn anything?

45 minutes later we had our answer, and in April of 2015 we launched Tinkering Labs. These girls showed us that the Catalyst really could help kids discover the pure joy of invention.  Thank you Girl Scouts!

Want to bring Tinkering to your students or scouts? Here’s how.

  1. Sign up here to join our Educator’s Group and get a 5% discount on all products (enter the name of your troop or council when you are asked for your organization).
  2. Order from us here. Or, order from Amazon (you won’t get the discount, but it is easier for a lot of people).
  3. If you have questions or need help, email us at or schedule a demo or phone call here.