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Electric Motors Catalyst Kit parts and cards

Is this the best STEM kit for young inventors?
See what the experts say.

This set by Tinkering Labs is no joke - it's probably the coolest STEM set we have ever reviewed!

Tubey Toys ReviewRobotics for Kids! We Built a Robot! Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit by Tinkering Labs.

The replay value is enormous! Unlike other STEM kits, you don’t sign up for an unending monthly subscription of one-off projects. You only have to buy the Tinkering Kit ONCE, but believe me, your kids will come back to it again and again.

STL MotherhoodTinkering Labs: The One STEM Kit Your Kid Needs

The best part: Tinkering Labs catalysts are designed to be taken apart and rebuilt continuously — as many times as your kid’s imagination can handle.

Fatherly Gear/ToysTinkering Labs DIY Kit Lets Your Kid Make Projects Out Of Anything

This Tinkering Labs kit was a huge hit in our house!

Being Mommy With StyleTinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit Review | Summer of STEM

What I really love about this set is that it gives kids license to be creative and think outside the box. All of the challenges are a way children can practice problem solving.

The B Keeps Us HonestTinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Review

When I said the kit comes with everything you need… I wasn’t kidding!!! It includes: a bunch of wheels, safety glasses, electric motors and their wires, a battery pack with 2 AA batteries, bushings, rubber bands, screws and wing nuts, springs, L-brackets, chassis, axles, wooden connectors, giant piece of paper, hardware tin, screw driver, washable markers, 10 challenge cards, storage bag and an instruction manual that walks you through how electronic motors work.


Are you looking for that special gift your kids will love? Tinkering Labs has got you covered! They offer the ultimate STEM experience for curious little minds, and provide hours and hours of enjoyment!

DIY ThrillWhy Tinkering Labs Kits are STEM Learning at its Best!

I have found a wonderful gift for kids who are creative, mechanically-inclined, problem-solvers, and/or tinkerers: The Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst.

LimbylimInspire STEM Thinking With Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst: Review

Tinkering Labs is something different and fun the whole family can do at home!

Mom on the SideGet the Motor Running with Tinkering Labs

With motors and wooden pieces, the Tinkering Labs Catalyst Kit inspires builders to learn about simple circuits and motorized machines. Great for inventors 10 and up who want to spend time experimenting with their own ideas.

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Why do Kids and Parents love the Electric Motors Catalyst?