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It’s the perfect kit for young inventors and engineers.

Girl with motor and wheel

Kids are natural inventors, and the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst gives them everything they need to explore their own creative ideas.  Created by an educational innovator based on thousands of hours of testing, the Catalyst parts are carefully designed to allow kids to rapidly try out their inventions.  Kids can make something, play with it, and change it as quickly as they can think of new ideas.


It’s made from real wood, real motors, and real hardware.

Tinkering Labs spare wood parts

Just like adults, children appreciate quality.  They know when something is just a “toy.”  The Electric Motors Catalyst parts are all high-quality, real materials that are built to be used again and again.


It’s 100% hands-on. No screen time involved.

Boy Tinkering

A lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) kits require kids to use a computer or smartphone to make things work.  While we think learning to program is great (we are coders ourselves!) it is not the best way for kids to develop their problem-solving and design thinking skills.  Children learn best, and are happiest, when their hands and minds are working together.


It’s better than a subscription: 10 great challenges in one box.

Tinkering Labs Challenge Cards

10 extra-large Challenge Cards are included in every box. The challenges were carefully chosen to be both fun and doable for children ages 8 through 13. Every challenge can be met in thousands of different ways, allowing all tinkerers to find their own solutions. And, the challenges activate different kinds of creativity: some are engineering oriented (like “Make a machine that can scramble an egg”) while others are more whimsical (like “Build a creature with spinning arms”). But all of them can be made with the same parts. Once a child has made one thing, she can take it apart and make something else!


Kids and parents love inventing things together.

Family Tinkering

Something amazing happens when children and adults work together with their hands and minds engaged.  For kids, it may be the most powerful learning environment there is. And for parents or grandparents, it is a deeply enriching way to connect with their youngsters.


It’s based on 15 years of tinkering experience with thousands of kids.

Tinkering Classroom

Each Tinkering Labs kit is the result of years of hands-on experience with thousands of kids in both classrooms and homes. Our belief is that kids can do more than most adults think they can, and our mission is to help all children discover and develop their own creative power. Once a child learns that he or she has the power to imagine something new and make it real, there’s no going back. That child has unlocked the power of invention. Every element of the Electric Motors Catalyst, from the illustrations inside the box cover, to the design of the wooden parts, to the 10 Challenge Cards, is designed to help make this happen.


Busy Hands + Busy Minds = Happy Kids.

Child with the Electric Motors Catalyst

Children are happiest when their hands and minds are working together. Kids naturally want to explore their world and experiment with it. It’s true that tinkering helps build the skills that support future success, but it may be even more important that it makes kids happy right now.


EVERYTHING is included.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Parts

Absolutely everything you need is in the box. Batteries are included, as is a giant paper work surface and a draw-string storage bag. As soon as they open the box, your young inventors can get to work.


Tinkering develops problem-solving skills.

Two Boys with Their Inventions

It is likely that this generation of children will grow up to face more brand new problems than any previous generation. But they also have reduced opportunities to develop their independent, hands on problem-solving skills when compared to kids from the past. Tinkering is a great way for kids to develop this vital skill while having fun.

And the number 1 reason kids & parents love Tinkering Labs…


Tinkering is fun!

Tinkering is Fun!

Introduce a child to the pure joy of invention with the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst.


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Electric Motors Catalyst?

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