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We Have a Winner! Spring Contest 2020

By April 2, 2020Tinkering News
We have a Winner!

Well, it certainly has been a weird couple of weeks. We’ve been crazy busy dealing with the myriad implications of “shelter in place” and helping schools make their distance learning a bit more hands-on with our kits.

But I have to say, watching the videos that came in for this contest was a true delight. We all want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in this choose-your-own-adventure contest. We asked you to meet TWO of the Electric Motors Catalyst challenges with a single invention. And boy did you! We’ll be sending a free Electric Motors Catalyst kit to every kid who sent us a video of their invention. Thank you inventors, and keep an eye on your mailbox next week.

And it is my pleasure to announce the winner:

The Winner: Joshua from Parsippany, NJ

Joshua’s invention, created with the able assistance of his youthful collaborator Samantha, does a great job of going in a straight line AND carrying a toy. We especially loved Joshua’s description of how he created the invention, and how he had to make adjustments along the way.  That is the essence of Tinkering, Joshua.

Check out Joshua’s invention below, and visit the Tinkering Hall of Fame to see some of the other great inventions that kids sent us.

Congratulations Joshua!  This totally custom 100% hand-made tool box will be coming your way soon:

Custom made wood toolbox

For the rest of you, don’t be too bummed you didn’t win. It’s always tough for us to pick a winner from the great submissions. You still get a free Electric Motors Catalyst kit for creating a working invention and sending in your video!

We’re already planning the next contest, so stay tuned, stay healthy, and Keep on Tinkering!

Tinker On,

– Matt & the Tinkering Labs Team